Got questions about solar? You will find here the most asked questions we get on our daily operations.

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How much are your German solar systems? HM po?

 PHILERGY German Solar systems are customized to each client’s building and electrical requirements. For us to be able to properly consult your needs, we asses the following:

  • Average monthly electric bill

  • Roof cover material (metal sheets, clay tiles, concrete slab, etc.)

  • Exact address or coordinates for us to screen the roof via satellite. A roof plan would also suffice.

With complete information, our German Solar engineers will have a personalized quotation sent within 24-48 hours.

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Magkano isang panel?

Here at PHILERGY, we sell complete German solar systems. This package is inclusive of the high-quality materials (solar panels, roof mounting kit, solar inverter, solar cables) from Germany, installation by German engineers, warranties of up to 25 years, and the leg-work and coordination for the net-metering set-up.

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Can I have solar for my aircon and ref?

Our solar energy systems are tapped into the whole home or building's electric grid, meaning solar energy is supplied to all appliances connected to the grid, not just specific ones.

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How do I get a free quotation?

You may just press the “Get a Free Solar Quote” on the lower right part of this page and let us know your monthly electric bill, address (so we can screen your roof via satellite!) and your contact details. Our German solar experts will then contact you to understand your day consumption better to derive the best system size for your needs. Alternatively, you may message us via our Facebook, Instagram, or our email and other contact details below. 

How does solar work?

Solar energy is first collected by solar panels (DC Electricity). The electricity is then channeled through the solar cables and is converted through the solar inverter into usable electricity (AC electricity). The energy is then immediately supplied to all of the running appliances first, before the utility provider.

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Why should I choose PHILERGY German Solar?

PHILERGY provides the highest quality solar components with the most extensive warranties in the Philippines. All components, from the panels, cables to even the screws and molding, are manufactured with the highest standards in Germany. This, paired with our installation team headed by German engineers (each in the market for over 20 years with more than 50,000 completed solar installations in Germany), assures clients with best in class workmanship and flawless system engineering.

We also pride ourselves on our 100% client satisfaction rate since we started a little over 9 years ago. You can check our reviews on Google and let our clients convince you!

What is my return on investment on a solar power system?

Grid-tied solar systems offer a quick return on your investment of 4-5 years. Such a return makes solar an unbeatable asset to invest in, earning you a 20% payback on each peso paid - without fuss, just by harvesting our tropical sunlight every day!

How long will the installation be?

 Typical residential German solar system installations usually last for only 4-8 hours.

You have warranties of up to 25 years, can I claim warranties easily?

Yes! PHILERGY German Solar registers your solar system with the OEMs once it is turned over. Your contract and project completion form serve as valid documents to claim warranties through PHILERGY. 

What happens during a power outage?

It is an international security and safety standard that grid-tied solar systems automatically shut down during brownouts to avoid incidences of unwanted electric shocks while the utility provider conducts maintenance or service checks. Luckily, especially in developed areas like Metro Manila, brownouts occur very seldom.

What happens if it rains?

Your solar system can still generate electricity even without direct sunlight.

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What is net metering?

Net metering is the process where excess solar energy gets automatically sold to your utility which increases your savings even more. This is a process allowed for by the government. To be able to set-up net-metering, we apply for a change of your meter with your local utility to be able to count the solar energy that gets transferred back to the grid.

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Can you install on any type of roofing?

We are highly experienced in installing on metal sheets and wood shingles, clay or stone tiles, and concrete roof decks while ensuring a typhoon proof solar mounting structure in accordance with the Philippine wind code. Some options might include additional fees, this will be discussed when consulting with us. 

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I want to be a PHILERGY Partner. How do I start?

Sign up for our SOLAR+ program, where you earn exclusive rewards points for every successful referral which you can use to claim exciting perks and privileges! Help us change the renewable energy landscape in the Philippines - tara na, magsolar na tayo!

Do you have financing options?

We understand that solar is an investment. Contact us so we can discuss and provide the best financing option for you.