Got questions about solar? You will find here the most asked questions we get on our daily operations.

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Magkano isang panel?

Here at PHILERGY, we only sell complete German solar systems. This package is inclusive of the high-quality materials (solar panels, roof mounting kit, solar inverter, solar cables) from Germany, installation by German engineers, warranties of up to 25 years, and the leg-work for the net-metering application.

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Can I have solar for my aircon and ref?

Our solar energy systems are tapped into the whole home or building's electric grid, meaning solar energy is supplied to all appliances connected to the grid, not just specific ones.

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How does solar work?

Solar energy is first collected by solar panels (DC Electricity). The electricity is then channeled through the solar cables and is converted through the solar inverter into usable electricity (AC electricity). The energy is then immediately spread to all of the running appliances inside the house.

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What happens during a power outage?

It is an international security and safety standard that solar systems automatically shut down during brownouts to avoid incidences of unwanted electric shocks while the utility provider conducts maintenance or service checks.

What happens if it rains?

Your solar system can still generate electricity even without direct sunlight.

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What is net metering?

Net metering is the process where excess solar energy gets automatically sold to your utility which increases your savings even more. This is a process allowed for by the government. To be able to set-up net-metering, we apply for a change of your meter with your local utility to be able to count the solar energy that gets transferred back to the grid.

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