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5 Reasons Why German Solar is the Best Investment for your Business in the Philippines | PHILERGY

PHILERGY German Solar for homes and businesses  - High quality installer for solar power systems and top rated panel packages for residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the Philippines

Metro Manila, Philippines - As our finite and unsustainable energy sources, like coal and fossil fuels, are depleting at an alarming rate, everybody should think about their alternatives and the next best investment they should make. With the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (RA 11285) being passed, new buildings and those that will undergo renovations must comply with energy-conserving design. This includes sourcing at least one percent of the total power demand from renewable sources, such as solar energy.

Have you ever thought about getting a solar energy system for your business but have been taken aback by the relatively high initial cost? Here are the top five reasons why a 100% German solar energy system from PHILERGY is the next best investment you will make for your business.


Electricity Cost Reduction

Businesses cannot operate without electricity. As most businesses are operating during the daytime, your PHILERGY German Solar system generates clean energy that your building can directly use, greatly reducing your electricity demands from your distribution utility. Any excess solar energy generated will be sold back to the utility, earning you credits on your bill that can lower your bill further through net metering. Electricity costs also rise 3-4% on average each year as demand rises and resources dwindle. A solar energy system protects you from this by being less dependent and even makes you save more through free energy.

High Return on Investment

Solar is the number one investment you can make with secured 15-20% payback per year! Compare this with the money in your savings account that earns you 1-2% per annum or a car that depreciates and needs gasoline/maintenance regularly and it should result in a relatively easy ROI calculation for any business owner. As your business saves thousands off your monthly electricity bill, you will soon recover your initial investment on your PHILERGY German Solar system in no time.

Moreover, our tropical sun gives us about 12 hours of daylight every day, making a solar energy system in the Philippines the most efficient in generating free energy.

Highest Quality Components

From solar panels, inverters, to mounting systems, and right down to the cables, PHILERGY supplies German solar solutions of the highest quality standards available worldwide for the Philippine market. Each technology is widely certified and proven to perform in the Philippine landscape in hundreds of cases.

No Maintenance Costs

Our reliable 100% German Solar systems work fully automatic and do not require extensive maintenance. All PHILERGY solar systems also include up to 30 year warranties, and live web monitoring where you can check the system’s performance for transparency and security at all times.

Environmental Benefits

The Philippines is highly dependent on dirty, unsustainable energy from coal and fossil fuels. With how climate change is affecting not only our country but the whole world, generating your own clean energy would greatly benefit the environment. Every little step towards saving our planet counts, and having your business be a green energy advocate is something to be proud of and should slowly become the new normal.

Investing in a solar energy system for your business can be a smart decision if you are looking to save money on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and position your business as a leader in sustainability. Overall, investing in a solar energy system for your business can be a smart decision if you conduct a thorough analysis, choose a reputable installer, and take advantage of available incentives.



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PHILERGY German Solar Philippines is your reliable, high-quality solar energy installer, solar power system, and solar panel supplier in the Philippines with German-made solar equipment combined with experienced German Solar engineering. All installations come with up to 30 years warranty for homes and businesses, and options for flexible solar financing without collateral and additional fees. We are the nation’s top solar company with headquarters, office, and showroom in Manila, Philippines with German management and German head solar engineers setting top-of-the-line solar standards.

All our solar energy systems are customized according to every client's needs via free expert solar consultation and professional onsite analysis and are installed by trained teams that are headed by at least 1 German engineer with over 20 years of solar experience.

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