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German-Philippine industry leaders launch platform to shape the Philippines' energy landscape

Manila, 11 April 2019 – With its slogan "Synergies for Energy Excellence", Deutsche Energie Allianz Philippines (DEAP) opens its platform for professionals during the United Architects Philippines’ CONEX 2019, one of the country's largest construction and building trade fair.

DEAP was established to provide a platform for German-Philippine industry leaders in the energy sector to foster the Philippine's development and shift towards renewable energy through innovative technologies, top of the line products, and services based on German quality standards.

DEAP's current body consists out of PHILERGY (a high quality turnkey solar supplier with German products and engineering), SMA (market leader in inverter technologies and energy management solutions), Tesvolt (energy storage solutions made in Germany), Servoelectric (high-skilled service provider and after sales expert for renewable energy systems), Bauwerk (wholesaler of energy components and building-integrated photovoltaic systems as well as off-grid engineering services), and the DEAP Training Center (largest solar and hybrid training facility in South East Asia).

The overall objective is combining expertise and resources of all members towards holistic, reliable energy solutions and setting standards for renewable energy projects to assure high quality in the Philippines.

Contact DEAP at for more details.

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