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Grid-Tied PHILERGY German Solar Systems with Net-Metering in the Philippines

PHILERGY German Solar for homes and businesses  - Worry-Free Net Metering Service - High quality installer for solar power systems and top rated panel packages for residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the Philippines

PHILERGY German Solar highly recommends grid-tied solar systems with net metering for homes and businesses if grid is available.

1. Save more money with net-metering

Net metering allows homes and businesses with grid-tied solar systems to automatically sell excess solar energy back to the distribution utility—for example, Meralco—in exchange for peso credits on your electric bill instead of storing it using a battery. Credits are then deducted from your bill!

PHILERGY German Solar promises not just the highest quality solar system for your home and business, but also a worry-free after sales service and utmost support towards the completion of your system's net metering process


2. Enjoy a shorter return on investment

Grid-tied solar systems are cheaper and faster to install, with an attractive return on your investment of 4-7 years! In comparison, a professional solar battery would make your solar system around 30% - 80% more expensive. The remarkable price increase leads to a much longer return on investment 9+ years.

3. Maintenance-free for over 25 years

High quality German Solar components coupled with flawless installation by our German Engineers make your system worry-free for more than 25 years. On the other hand, systems with battery solutions would require regular maintenance and battery replacement after 5-12 years, depending on its quality.



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