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Best solar panels and equipment for businesses made in Germany by PHILERGY German Solar

PHILERGY German Solar for homes and businesses  - Effective, zero-risk with customized financing - High quality installer for solar power systems and top rated panel packages for residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - Whereas solar systems for businesses in many countries, for example Europe, became a standard, the majority of businesses in the Philippines still hesitates to invest in their own energy system. " This is mainly due to a mistrust in the technology, the investment volume as well as a lack of information about its attractiveness", Jochen Staudter, Managing Director of PHILERGY, states.

Focusing on the attractiveness, there are non-negotiable benefits that make PHILERGY German Solar systems one of the most valuable investment for businesses:

Effectiveness We have one of the highest electricity rates in Asia. Electricity costs massively affect the operating capital of businesses. PHILERGY`s German Solar Systems are double as effective in the Philippines than in e.g. Germany and reduce electricity cost burdens remarkably for over 25 years - a fully automatic German technology with no maintenance costs!

Zero risk agreements

PHILERGY`s German Solar materials are equipped with warranties of up to 25 years. Live online solar system web monitoring offers 100% security and transparency 24/7. If problems occur, our German engineers are directly on it, replacing components and fixing the solar system for free.

Highest quality German solar equipment and workmanship

A large scale solar system has to be of high quality and needs to be implemented by experienced solar engineers to avoid trouble shootings over 25 years. PHILERGY is your trusted partner with extensively experienced German solar engineers and more than 3,000 solar installations worldwide and over 350 in the Philippines.

Customized financing/leasing options

Partner banks, inhouse financing and customized leasing options allow businesses to strategically invest in a PHILERGY German Solar System without large capital exposure. The solar system can be activated as asset and thus depreciated. A return on investment of around 5 years and secured paybacks per years of up to 25% are outstanding investment figures.

Environmental impact and CSR

Besides reducing electricity costs, creating a positive impact for our environment by producing CO2 neutral energy allows companies to improve their CSR strategy, create awareness for renewable energy and to motivate customers and employees to focus on environment friendly businesses.


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