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Solar Myths and Misconceptions: Storing Excess Energy - Battery vs Net Metering | PHILERGY

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Metro Manila, Philippines - When thinking about getting a solar energy system, most people expect these systems to include a battery. A common misconception about solar energy systems is that people think the solar energy generated needs to be stored in a battery.

But with most systems, especially in a grid-stable metropolitan area, do not include batteries. Energy production is instead tied to the grid and utilizes the net metering system. Net metering allows homes and businesses with grid-tied solar systems to automatically sell excess solar energy back to the distribution utility (DU) - for example, Meralco - in exchange for peso credits on your bill. These credits can then be used at the end of each month to pay for and decrease charges on your overall electric bill.

The grid effectively acts as the battery system for the home. Extra energy that’s produced, but not used, during sunlight hours is sent to the grid. Then, the system is able to draw from the grid as needed at night or during darker months.

Compared to using batteries, storing 1 kWh of solar (worth at around PHP 10), only around 40-70% (worth PHP 4-7) of it will be available to be supplied to your appliances. These efficiency decreases are based on natural and physical losses when storing and converting electricity. Your overall return on investment with a solar battery would be 8-10 years in the Philippines. However, since you have to exchange and reinvest in a battery after around 5 years, you won’t reach an ROI at all.

It is still best to instead have grid-tied net metering, where solar electricity is sold to your electric provider instead of being stored in a battery. You will be rebated with the generation charge worth P4-6 pesos! Same value but less investment and no maintenance required. With a grid-tied solar system, your return on investment lies between 4-5 years!



Let’s address the promise: "With a solar battery, you will not experience brownouts anymore".

Depending on the capacity, the solar battery will be able to supply a certain amount of electricity required for basic appliances during a brownout. But running aircons or other major electricity consuming appliances won’t work for long, unless you invest in large scale batteries which cost as much as a car. If you truly seek for reliable electricity security during brownouts, it is up to date much smarter to have a generator back up available.

To wrap up, given the circumstances in the Philippines, and the current high pricing and heat sensitivity of reliable solar batteries, a grid-tied solar system with net metering is the only recommendation a professional solar company can give to consumers that aim to save on electricity by looking at an attractive investment in solar energy.

Be future ready with us: our PHILERGY German Solar Systems are battery-ready. Once prices go down and the technology advances further, we will make sure to source and install the best battery solutions for you!


PHILERGY German Solar promises not just the highest quality solar system for your home and business, but also a worry-free after sales service and utmost support towards the completion of your system’s net metering process.

We are your reliable partner in better, cleaner and cheaper energy in the Philippines.


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PHILERGY German Solar Philippines is your reliable, high quality solar energy installer, solar power system, and solar panel supplier in the Philippines with German-made solar equipment combined with experienced German Solar engineering. All installations come with up to 25 years warranty for homes and businesses, and options for flexible solar financing without collateral and additional fees. We are the nation’s top solar company with headquarters, office and showroom in Manila, Philippines with German management and German head solar engineers setting top of the line solar standards. All our solar energy systems are customized according to every client's needs via free expert solar consultation and professional onsite analysis, and are installed by trained teams that are headed by at least 1 German engineer with over 20 years of solar experience.

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