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Soluxtec Opens New Factory in Föhren, Germany - PHILERGY Highest Quality Solar Monocrystalline Panel

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Föhren, Germany - PHILERGY German Solar's manufacturer of its highest quality monocrystalline panel - Soluxtec - is proud to present its newest and latest production center set up in Föhren, Germany.

With state of the art technology, the most modern machinery and world class logistics support, the factory promises to achieve a production capacity of 500 megawatts. The production line is equipped to manufacture the latest generation of Soluxtec modules with M6 and M10 solar cells. Highly automated processes will provide customers with a high end quality product within glass-glass, as well as glass-foil technology. It is expected to achieve a module efficiency of more than 21% with the latest generation of modules.

Soluxtec is an innovative producer of photovoltaic modules and the production philosophy revolves around high quality, high efficiency, and aesthetics. The company's vision is to provide the most compelling value to customers through sustainable and i