The Truth About “No Brownouts” and Solar Battery Performance in the Philippines | PHILERGY German

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Metro Manila, 2021 - More and more solar installers promise great savings and reliable performance while ensuring electricity supply during brownouts with hybrid and off-grid solar systems. Even though in other countries these promises may be met, in the Philippines, the bitter truth for consumers often hits hard after 3-5 years of operation. When the solar battery breaks down or has to be exchanged due to loss of charging cycle capacity, or if the savings are not meeting what was forecasted. Since the solar battery itself makes the solar system up to 100% more expensive, the invested money cannot be earned back which leaves consumers with a failed investment and lots of headache.

Furthermore, here are major concerns about solar systems with battery backup in the Philippines:


Solar batteries and heat don't work well together. Reliable solar batteries are made to perform in temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius, which we exceed here in the country even on rainy days. Heat causes remarkable efficiency decreases. Moreover, warranty claims are more likely to be rejected if it cannot be proven that recommended temperature levels could not be secured.


When storing 1 kWh of solar (worth PHP 10) in a battery, around 40-70% (worth PHP 4-7) of it will be available to be supplied to your appliances. These efficiency decreases are based on natural and physical losses when storing and converting electricity.

Your overall return on investment with a so