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Understanding Your German Solar System's Capacity and Production - PHILERGY

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Metro Manila, 2021 - When planning to have a solar energy system installed, you usually encounter the term kWp when talking about what size system you need to have installed in your home or business to cover your electric needs. What does these letters mean and how does actual production differ from the system capacity?

The capacity of a solar system is defined by kilowatt peak (kWp), derived from the total wattage of your installed solar panels. For example, if you have five 300 watts solar panels, your system capacity is 1.5 kWp. This capacity is the maximum plant output if all factors are perfect (e.g. 24/7 ideal weather, perfect roof angle) which, unfortunately, is not the case in real world scenarios.

Why? Because of physical and natural losses that occur during energy production. Natural losses occur due to temperature, location, weather, pollution, global irradiation, tilt, etc. Moreover, since solar power from the solar panels (called DC electricity) has to travel through solar cables towards the inverter, which transforms DC electricity into AC electricity (the electricity which is used to run our appliances), physical losses of energy occur. Other factors such as roof slope, shadow and panel orientation also affect the system’s performance.

Thus, as an international solar industry standard, it is common to assume that around 60-70% of your total installed solar panel capacity is transferred into AC electricity and supplied to your building grid. This is the efficiency factor that is used to compute for your kWh production which translates to your savings.

Meaning in our example of a 1.5 kWp solar system, a maximum AC electricity supply of 1,050 watts in its peak should be achievable.

However, you have a major advantage: with your German Solar System that consists of the highest quality components available worldwide, natural and physical losses are minimized. Instead of the international common efficiency factor of 60-70%, we are able to record factors of up to 75%! Higher quality always shows better results.

We are your reliable partner in better, cleaner and cheaper energy in the Philippines.