How much are your German solar systems? HM po?

PHILERGY German Solar systems are customized to each client’s building and electrical requirements. For us to be able to properly consult your needs, we asses the following:

  • Average monthly electric bill
  • Roof cover material (metal sheets, clay tiles, concrete slab, etc.)
  • Exact address or coordinates for us to screen the roof via satellite. A roof plan would also suffice.
With complete information, our German Solar engineers will have a personalized quotation sent within 24-48 hours.
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Magkano isang panel?

Here at PHILERGY, we sell complete German solar systems. This package is inclusive of the high-quality materials (solar panels, roof mounting kit, solar inverter, solar cables) from Germany, installation by German engineers, warranties of up to 25 years, and the leg-work and coordination for the net-metering set-up.
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How do I get a free quotation?

You may just press the “Get a Free Solar Quote” on the lower right part of this page and let us know your monthly electric bill, address (so we can screen your roof via satellite!) and your contact details. Our German solar experts will then contact you to understand your day consumption better to derive the best system size for your needs. Alternatively, you may message us via our Facebook, Instagram, or our email and other contact details below.

What is my return on investment on a solar power system?

Grid-tied solar systems offer a quick return on your investment of 4-5 years. Such a return makes solar an unbeatable asset to invest in, earning you a 20% payback on each peso paid - without fuss, just by harvesting our tropical sunlight every day!

Do you have financing options?

We understand that solar is an investment. Contact us so we can discuss and provide the best financing option for you.

Is PHILERGY German Solar expensive?

Every peso spent on a PHILERGY German Solar system is wisely invested in an asset with best in class workmanship and after sales services to ensure a maintenance- and headache-free solar system that performs for over 25 years. This is a result of PHILERGY’s unique set-up in the Philippines: We make the highest quality solar components worldwide available in the Philippines, all imported from Germany and always on stock in our warehouse. These solar components are installed by our expert engineering teams that are headed by at least one German Head Engineer to guarantee efficient and finest workmanship. Our after sales department secures your satisfaction and is always available to cater you as our long-term energy partner. With PHILERGY German Solar, you invest in value over a long period of time, not in profit margins and low quality.
One of our clients, Charles, said it best: " Given the quality of the system I purchased and great experience I have, the prices are actually not expensive at all. If I import a German car, I pay a premium of 30-50% in comparison to a standard car. This was not the case at all at PHILERGY compared to other suppliers. I could have maybe saved 20% by purchasing a standard solar system but I know it would be maling pagtitipid. We should always look at 25 years and sparing on quality will never pay out!”


Can I have solar for my aircon and ref?

Our solar energy systems are tapped into the whole home or building's electric grid, meaning solar energy is supplied to all appliances connected to the grid, not just specific ones.
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How does solar work?

Solar energy is first collected by solar panels (DC Electricity). The electricity is then channeled through the solar cables and is converted through the solar inverter into usable electricity (AC electricity). The energy is then immediately supplied to all of the running appliances first, before the utility provider.
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What happens during a power outage?

It is an international security and safety standard that grid-tied solar systems automatically shut down during brownouts to avoid incidencies of unwanted electric shocks while the utility provider conducts maintenance or service checks. Luckily, especially in developed areas like Metro Manila, brownouts don't occur very often.

What happens if it rains?

Your solar system can still generate electricity even without direct sunlight. Click here for more information.

Can I be assured that my PHILERGY German Solar system works reliably?

Yes, you can! This assurance is reinforced by our live solar system monitoring. Our technical team monitors your solar system from the office and as our partner, you will also be able to see how your system performs through an app. This provides you transparency and security 24/7 that your investment performs, saves you money and benefits our environment by producing clean solar energy. Click here for more information.


Why should I choose PHILERGY German Solar?

PHILERGY provides the highest quality solar components with the most extensive warranties in the Philippines. All components, from the panels, cables to even the screws and molding, are manufactured with the highest standards in Germany. This, paired with our installation team headed by German engineers (each in the market for over 20 years with more than 50,000 completed solar installations in Germany), assures clients with best in class workmanship and flawless system engineering.
We also pride ourselves on our 100% client satisfaction rate since we started a little over 9 years ago. You can check our reviews on Google and let our clients convince you!

Why is PHILERGY German Solar rated with 100% customer satisfaction?

Highest quality standards in product, service, and processes, combined with the passion of everyone in our PHILERGY family inevitably make and keep our clients happy. It’s a promise we fulfill every day that ultimately makes us 100% satisfied as well.

What are important points to check when choosing your solar energy system and supplier?

Unfortunately, we often realize that the focus of many consumers only lies on the solar panel, which can result in a lot of headaches afterwards. Why? For an investment that should perform for over 25 years maintenance-free, it has to be ensured that:

  • ALL solar system components (solar panel, solar inverter, solar cable, roof mounting kit, breakers, even the moldings) are top quality, certified and branded/made by a well-known manufacturer;
  • the engineers and installers are very experienced with numerous and diverse references;
  • the solar company is well-established in the market with a proven and strong track record;
  • the supplier has a warehouse to avoid long waits and servicing periods;
  • the solar company has a proper office and sufficient staff to ensure stability and ability to cater to you reliably in the future;
  • and lastly, you don't just get presented with a standard solar package - a professional supplier analyzes your electricity consumption habits and derives an optimal solar system size perfect for your needs, not for the benefit of making money.

Is it recommendable to choose German-made solar technology?

Made in Germany carries a strong reputation built over decades and proven by outperforming machineries and products that cater to different needs all over the world. The secrets of its success lie in pursuing highest quality standards in engineering, production and processes with zero-mistake quotas, and in the motivation to constantly innovate and pioneer. Solar or photovoltaic (PV) was explored as early as the 1800s - even the famous German inventor Albert Einstein played a key role in developing today's solar technology! German manufacturers established themselves as innovators and market leaders in solar technology until today, even though the major volume of production shifted to Asia to cater to mass market demands, but often with volatile quality. Solar components made in Germany manifested themselves as top of the line worldwide ensuring reliability, durability and performance with up to 22% more harvest in comparison to e.g. a standard china made solar panel.

Does a "Tier 1" rated solar component manufacturer produce the best products?

To be straight forward, the answer is no! What a lot of consumers don’t know is that the Tier system is not based on the quality of the solar panels at all. The Tier system is a scale coordinated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation and is used to rank solar panel manufacturers in terms of their bankability or financial stability. The scale was put together to create a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of manufacturers of solar modules on the market. Most mass market players, especially in China, are Tier 1 because of the volume they produce, with quality not being considered in the matrix. Thus, home and business owners should focus on the materials being used to create the products, the quality standards and processes of the manufacturers and the warranty security provided to be able to make the best choice. All high quality products worldwide are not mass market products, they usually are manufactured in smaller quantities to ensure highest quality!


How long will the installation be?

Typical residential German solar system installations usually last for only 4-8 hours.

Can you install on any type of roofing?

We are highly experienced in installing on metal sheets and wood shingles, clay or stone tiles, and concrete roof decks while ensuring a typhoon-proof solar mounting structure in accordance with the Philippine wind code. Some options might include additional fees, this will be discussed when consulting with us. Click here for more information.

How long do I have to wait for an installation schedule after I decide to get the system?

Our warehouse is always equipped with containers arriving every month from Germany - most of the time we can install your system within 1-2 weeks after signing the contract!

Will an installed PHILERGY German Solar system be harmful for my building?

Building security is one major reason why quality should never be compromised - we have seen and repaired many solar systems in the Philippines where key parts melted or burned, causing tremendous hazard for the building. Our German-made equipment is manufactured with highest quality and security standards worldwide to ensure building safety. The engineering and installation skills of our highly experienced German head engineers reassure security further. To name a few:

  • all components are fireproof
  • several volt surge protection measures are installed within the solar energy system
  • our solar cable from Berlin, Germany is fire-, ozone-, and UV proof
  • our leak-proof lightweight aluminum roof mounting kit is typhoon-proof in accordance with the wind code of the Philippines
  • our solar inverter has built-in grid management and is weather-proof
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Is it advisable to buy a ready-to-install solar energy system package?

We would not recommend doing so, simply because no matter how small the solar system is, it produces high voltages, which can be dangerous. Moreover, if you are not a certified installer for premium and reliable solar components, they won't grant warranty claims since the installation methods and quality may not meet the required standards. Always work with an experienced solar installer to ensure a headache-free solar system for over 25 years!


Can I claim warranties easily?

Yes! PHILERGY German Solar registers your solar system with the OEMs once it is turned over. Your Contract and Project Completion Form serve as valid documents to claim warranties through PHILERGY.

You provide warranties of up to 25 years - how can clients be assured that they can claim them?

One of the key reasons why we source our materials from Germany is the warranty assurance provided. This is ensured by law through a specific government department regulating consumer protection. Such a law is important to protect consumers and to avoid companies that claim to offer 25 years warranty, but once the product line is discontinued or the company loses its financial stability, warranty claims are not granted anymore. Once we install your solar system, your name gets registered and warranty claims will be granted as stated in our binding agreements. Unfortunately, this is not ensured by law in many countries, including those in Asia, making warranty promises vague and not 100% secure.


What is net metering?

Net metering is the process where excess solar energy gets automatically sold to your utility which increases your savings even more. This is a process allowed for by the government. To be able to set up net metering, we apply for a change of your meter with your local distribution utility to be able to count the solar energy that gets transferred back to the grid. Click here for more information.

Do I have to arrange and secure net metering on my own?

As our long-term energy partner, we would never let you do this alone! our dedicated net metering department will manage the whole net metering application process for you, take over all coordination, do the legwork, and deliver all documents right to your doorstep. You can trust us in this as we have hundreds of commissioned systems in the Philippines and became very fast and efficient in doing so!


I want to be a PHILERGY Partner. How do I start?

Sign up for our SOLAR+ program, where you earn exclusive rewards points for every successful referral which you can use to claim exciting perks and privileges! Help us change the renewable energy landscape in the Philippines - tara na, magsolar na tayo!


Why are grid-tied solar energy systems with net metering the better choice compared to hybrid or off-grid solar energy systems with batteries in the Philippines?

More and more installers promise great savings and reliable performance while ensuring electricity supply during brownouts with hybrid and off-grid solar systems. Even though in other countries these promises may be met, in the Philippines the bitter truth for consumers often hits hard after 3-5 years of operation when the solar battery breaks down or has to be exchanged due to loss of charging cycle capacity, or if the savings are not meeting the forecast. Since the solar battery itself makes the solar system up to 100% more expensive, the invested money cannot be earned back which leaves consumers with a failed investment and lots of headache. Furthermore, here are major concerns about solar systems with battery backup in the Philippines: ENVIRONMENT Solar Batteries and heat don't work well together. Reliable solar batteries are made to perform in temperatures of around 25 degrees celsius which we exceed here in the country even on rainy days. Heat causes remarkable efficiency decreases. Moreover, warranty claims are likely to be rejected if it cannot be proven that recommended temperature levels could not be secured. FINANCIAL GAIN

  • When storing 1 kWh of solar (worth PHP 10) in a battery, around 40-70% (worth PHP 4-7) of it will be available to be supplied to your appliances. These efficiency decreases are based on natural and physical losses when storing and converting electricity.
  • Your overall return on investment with a solar battery would be 8-10 years in the Philippines. However, since you have to exchange and reinvest in a battery after around 5 years, you won’t reach an ROI at all.
  • Instead, it is still best to have grid-tied net metering, where solar electricity is sold to your electric provider instead of being stored in a battery, you will be rebated with the generation charge worth P4-6 pesos! Same value but less investment and no maintenance required. With a grid-tied solar system, your return on investment lies between 4-5 years!
BACKUP ENERGY DURING BROWNOUT Let’s address the promise: With a solar battery, you will not experience brownouts anymore. Depending on the capacity, the solar battery will be able to supply a certain amount of electricity required for basic appliances during a brownout. But running aircons or other major electricity consuming appliances won’t work for too long, unless you invest in large scale batteries which cost as much as a car. If you truly seek for reliable electricity security during brownouts, it is up to date much smarter to have a generator back up available. To wrap up: Given the circumstances in the Philippines, and the current high pricing and heat sensitivity of reliable solar batteries, a grid-tied solar system with net metering is the only recommendation a professional solar company can give to consumers that aim to save on electricity by looking at an attractive investment in solar energy. Be future ready with us: our PHILERGY German Solar Systems are battery-ready. Once prices go down and the technology advances further, we will make sure to source and install the best battery solutions for you!



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