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Making Solar Accessible to Every Filipino - Solar Joe PH on ANC Future Perfect

More Filipinos will be able to install solar-power systems in their homes if banks gave these purchases similar financing terms used for buying cars, the official of PHILERGY German Solar claimed.

PHILERGY`s Managing Director Jochen Staudter told ANC's "Future Perfect Tech Shorts" that home and business installations of renewable-energy investments could be made more affordable through financing.

"I think for example if the banks transfer that model for cars to solar systems . . . then it's made accessible for everyone and everyone can afford it," Staudter said. A key difference is that a PHILERGY high-quality German solar system increases the value of the building and runs fully automatic without maintenance costs for over 20 years whereas cars depreciate every year by >10% in their value in addition to maintenance and fuel costs. Its a smarter investment and business case for banks as well as for home and business owners to produce their own free and clean energy with PHILERGY`s German solar technology.

Moreover, he added that besides reducing homeowner's electric bills, installing a solar-energy system could also let them earn money through "net metering," where unused electricity from a solar installation gets automatically sold to a utility firm such as Meralco. Its a fully automatic mechanism and increases the attractiveness of PHILERGY German solar even more!


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Credit: ABS-CBN News Posted at Mar 29 2018

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