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5 Tips for Starting a Zero Waste Home in the Philippines

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Metro Manila, Philippines - January has been declared as the National Zero Waste Month as mandated by Presidential Proclamation no 760, dated May 5, 2014. “‘Zero Waste’ is an advocacy campaign that aims to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices towards sustainable systems in an ethical, economical, and efficient way, and to ensure that wastes become valuable for other uses. This involves systematically designing and managing products and processes to lessen the volume of waste produced, to eliminate toxicity in resulting waste, and to conserve and recover resources.” (Source)

It might seem impossible living a zero waste lifestyle, but how about we start with small changes to our daily lives? Read our tips below:

Buy in bulk with reusable containers

Reduce the plastic waste needed to pack up groceries at the supermarket or meat and other food products from the wet market by bringing your own reusable containers. This may mean just bringing your own heavy-duty tote bags instead of getting plastic bags. Take the extra mile and bring your own glass or plastic reusable food containers for meats and fish, you can even take them straight to the freezer once you get home!

Choose natural and recycled fibers for household linens

Microplastics in synthetic fabrics are one of the major marine environment pollutants. Natural fibers like cotton, wool, and bamboo ensure that fabrics will not eventually pollute the earth with microplastics.

Grow your own garden

Lockdown made many plant-parents and plant-titas, turning even the smallest space into an urban jungle. But if you have the extra yard space, growing even a small herb garden reduces a lot of waste from your weekly grocery run.

Set up a compost

Compost is the nutrient-rich, broken-down remains of things like fruit and vegetable scraps, but it goes further to work with things like newspaper, hair, and even dryer lint. You’ll reduce the amount of waste you throw into the trash and will develop your very own fertilizer for your garden.

Get your own highest quality German Solar system

Reduce your dependence on dirty, finite sources of energy by getting your very own German Solar system that can generate clean and free energy for you home! One solar panel can neutralize carbon dioxide emissions of up to 42 cars that drive five kilometers per day. BONUS: this will also cut down your electric bills, saving you thousands every month. And by buying the highest quality materials available nationwide from PHILERGY German Solar, you can be assured of the sustainability of your solar energy system which will last you years.


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