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Call for Philippine Government to Sustain Drive for Renewable Energy | PHILERGY German Solar

Call for Philippine Government to Sustain Drive for Renewable Energy | PHILERGY German Solar

Metro Manila, Philippines - Affordable and accessible power could become a reality for over 100 million Filipinos, as long as the Philippine government maintains its dedication to existing energy policies aimed at fostering the expansion and advancement of renewable energy (RE) across the nation.


Shifting Tides: Philippine Government's Strong Embrace of Renewable Energy

Former Department of Energy (DOE) Undersecretary, Atty. Jay Layug, recently took the stage at the Philippine Power Plant Energy Summit to shed light on the transformative potential of the Philippines' energy policies. Under the stewardship of the current administration, a significant shift towards renewable energy has been witnessed. At the heart of this change is the administration's resolute focus on accelerating RE initiatives within its first year. With clear determination, they have propelled forward with critical reforms, nurturing the growth of the RE sector. These transformative measures include amendments to the Renewable Energy Act of 2008's regulations, opening doors for increased foreign investment in RE projects. The commitment extends further with the preferential dispatch of registered generating units harnessing RE sources through the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

Moreover, the administration's implementation of the Energy Virtual One-stop Shop (EVOSS) Act stands as a monumental stride. This innovative approach empowers energy enterprises to efficiently navigate the regulatory landscape by facilitating online applications, permits, and payment processes.

A defining achievement in this renewable journey is the Department of Energy's successful conclusion of the second Green Energy Auction Program (GEAP). This groundbreaking program aims to tap into at least 11GW of new RE capacity, fostering a new era of clean energy generation.

A Growing Presence: Renewable Energy's Vital Role

Renewable resources like large-scale hydropower and geothermal have gained prominence, contributing significantly to the nation's energy mix. As of 2020, these sources account for 29% of the Philippines' installed generating capacity, bolstering its sustainability efforts.

A study by the World Bank Group unveiled a compelling insight into the country's offshore wind (OSW) potential. The Philippines ranks fourth among emerging OSW markets, boasting a technical capacity of 178GW from this remarkable source. The collaboration between the DOE and the World Bank in crafting the Philippine OSW Roadmap offers a comprehensive strategy. The roadmap identifies six development zones, projecting that OSW could meet up to 14% of the nation's energy demand by 2040.

Beyond Energy: A Holistic Approach to Development

This strategic push towards increased RE capacity isn't merely about energy supply but underscores the Philippines' commitment to holistic development. It's about safeguarding the environment, stabilizing energy prices, and nurturing an abundant future for generations to come.

In the pursuit of the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP), Atty. Layug passionately declares that the DOE is in full throttle. This concerted effort has the potential to bestow upon the Philippines an unparalleled abundance of sustainable energy, shaping a future defined by progress and prosperity.

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