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German Solar in the Rainy Season: Will It Work? | PHILERGY German Solar

German Solar in the Rainy Season: Will It Work? | PHILERGY German Solar

Quezon City, Philippines The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) declared the commencement of the rainy season on Saturday, 02 June 2023, after several consecutive days of rainfall. While we may delight in the cooler weather, it is evident that the sunlight during this season is not as intense as it was in the preceding dry months. You might be curious about how your German Solar system performs in terms of energy generation during this period. Will your German Solar still work efficiently during the rainy season?

German Solar in the Rainy Season

Rest assured, a PHILERGY German Solar system remains highly reliable and productive even in the midst of the wet season. While it is true that our country experiences peak solar energy production during the dry summer months, characterized by longer daylight hours and clearer skies, our 100% German solar panels are designed to operate optimally even under low-light conditions. They are exceptionally efficient and possess heightened sensitivity to light, making them the top performers in the solar industry. Consequently, our systems ensure that energy production is maximized, and our clients continue to enjoy substantial reductions in their electric bills. This is where the quality of our products truly shines.

Watch Solar Joe explain in the video below:

Our grid-tied German solar systems are fully automated, which means that in situations where solar energy supply may be insufficient, they seamlessly switch to the grid supply without any disruption. As a result, your home or business remains fully powered, unaffected by the shifting weather conditions. Moreover, the rainy season provides an opportune time for the self-cleaning nanotechnology integrated into our solar panels. This innovative feature effectively washes away any loose dirt or debris, leaving the panels sparkling clean and ready to generate energy again.

So, despite the arrival of the rainy season in the Philippines, you can have complete confidence in the continuous operation and performance of your PHILERGY German Solar system.


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PHILERGY German Solar Philippines is your reliable, high-quality solar energy installer, solar power system, and solar panel supplier in the Philippines with German-made solar equipment combined with experienced German Solar engineering. All installations come with up to 30 years warranty for homes and businesses, and options for flexible solar financing without collateral and additional fees. We are the nation’s top solar company with headquarters, office, and showroom in Manila, Philippines with German management and German head solar engineers setting top-of-the-line solar standards.

All our solar energy systems are customized according to every client's needs via free expert solar consultation and professional onsite analysis and are installed by trained teams that are headed by at least 1 German engineer with over 20 years of solar experience.

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