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German vs Chinese Solar Panels: Efficiency, Quality, and Performance Compared - PHILERGY

PHILERGY German Solar for homes and businesses - German vs Chinese Solar Panels - High quality installer for solar power systems and top rated panel packages for residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the Philippines

Metro Manila, Philippines - The solar energy industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, and there have been innumerable solar component brands that have sprouted to meet the demand. A Google search will bombard you with choices offering the cheapest, or the most efficient, or the best quality.

Germany has long been known for the quality of products manufactured in the country - be it cars, knives, and of course, solar panels. It also has been one of the first European countries to promote renewable energy. But as Germany's solar industry continued to grow, China's solar market dropped world solar panel prices by 80% between 2008 and 2013. Chinese solar panel manufacturers took advantage of the overwhelmed German solar companies due to the domestic response caused by government incentives and flooded the market with cheap panels. [Source]

Buying Quality vs Buying Cheap

In 2017, a solar energy company based in Portugal conducted a comparison of identical solar energy systems (same two inverters, in the same area, same orientation and roof inclination) except for the solar panels. Installation A had “German brand” panels but of Chinese origin, and Installation B had panels made in Germany.

Here are the results for the first month of production (Installation A - blue bars, Installation B - red bars):

They found that the production difference is around 22% better with the solar panels manufactured in Germany than with the solar panels manufactured in China.

As is often the case with almost everything we buy in everyday life, the best and most satisfactory results are usually achieved with the highest quality materials. At PHILERGY German Solar, our components (not just the panels) are of the highest quality made in Germany combined with expert German engineers and installers with years of experience, ensuring that your solar energy system can continue harvesting clean, renewable energy for the years to come.


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PHILERGY German Solar Philippines is your reliable, high quality solar energy installer, solar power system, and solar panel supplier in the Philippines with German-made solar equipment combined with experienced German Solar engineering. All installations come with up to 25 years warranty for homes and businesses, and options for flexible solar financing without collateral and additional fees. We are the nation’s top solar company with headquarters, office and showroom in Manila, Philippines with German management and German head solar engineers setting top of the line solar standards. All our solar energy systems are customized according to every client's needs via free expert solar consultation and professional onsite analysis, and are installed by trained teams that are headed by at least 1 German engineer with over 20 years of solar experience.

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