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Increase Your Home Value with the Highest Quality German Solar System in the Philippines | PHILERGY

Increase Your Home Value with the Highest Quality German Solar System in the Philippines | PHILERGY

Quezon City, Philippines We've previously outlined the myriad benefits associated with having a solar energy system of the highest quality for your home, which include not only the reduction of your utility bills through the generation of clean energy and the advantages of net metering but also the positive environmental impact.

However, did you know that installing a solar energy system can also significantly enhance the intrinsic value of your property? Given that a home represents one of the most substantial investments an individual can make, it stands to reason that ensuring your property is equipped with the finest additions is a wise choice.


Financial benefits for homeowners who decide to sell

For those contemplating selling their homes in the future, the installation of a solar energy system becomes a strategic move. Not only does it confer the advantage of commanding a higher asking price for your home, but it also facilitates recouping nearly 100% of your initial investment in the solar energy system when the property changes hands. It's worth noting that the increase in your home's market value is contingent on various factors, such as the age, efficiency, and condition of the solar energy system.

Financial benefits to new homeowners

The financial advantages extend to the new homeowners, who stand to experience an immediate reduction in their electricity bills by harnessing their own free energy from the very first day of occupancy. The appeal of purchasing a residence with a significantly lower monthly electric bill is undeniable. Furthermore, as electricity rates continue to rise, the accrued savings in terms of reduced utility costs will inevitably grow over time.

Increase Your Home Value with the Highest Quality German Solar System in the Philippines | PHILERGY

Choosing the highest quality German solar energy system in the Philippines

The actual quality of the solar energy system is pivotal when considering its impact on your home's overall value. While some systems may present a more budget-friendly option initially, the potential for higher total costs due to subsequent repairs or system breakdowns within a few years can lead to an inadequate return on investment.

At PHILERGY German Solar, our commitment lies in offering the highest quality solar energy system components, encompassing solar panels, inverters, and cables. Supported by extensive product and performance warranties, and overseen by seasoned German engineers leading each installation, we provide a guarantee that our solar energy systems will stand the test of time, ensuring enduring benefits for your home.


PHONE: (02) 8638 8277

SMART: +63 921 373 3840

GLOBE: +63 917 329 2112

PHILERGY German Solar Philippines is your reliable, high-quality solar energy installer, solar power system, and solar panel supplier in the Philippines with German-made solar equipment combined with experienced German Solar engineering. All installations come with up to 30 years warranty for homes and businesses, and options for flexible solar financing without collateral and additional fees. We are the nation’s top solar company with headquarters, office, and showroom in Manila, Philippines with German management and German head solar engineers setting top-of-the-line solar standards.

All our solar energy systems are customized according to every client's needs via free expert solar consultation and professional onsite analysis and are installed by trained teams that are headed by at least 1 German engineer with over 20 years of solar experience.

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