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IT'S RAINY SEASON AGAIN! PHILERGY German Solar Panel System’s performance during rainy days

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Metro Manila, Philippines – Typhoon season is here again and it’s been raining most days for the past few weeks. And while we rejoice about the cooler weather, this means that the sun is not as present as the previous dry months. Have you been wondering about the energy harvest of your German Solar system? Is your system still working during the Philippine rainy season?

OF COURSE! Granted, peak solar energy production in our country is during the dry, summer months when the days are longer and the sky is clearer, but a PHILERGY German Solar system still works hard for you even during the wet season. Our 100% German solar panels are highly efficient and the most light sensitive in the solar industry with optimized low-light performance that ensures maximized energy production. Thousands off our clients’ electric bills are still guaranteed – and that’s where the quality pays off.

Watch Solar Joe explain in the video below: