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Laus Group harnesses solar energy for Carworld Pampanga, CGIC buildings with PHILERGY German Solar

Laus Group harnesses solar energy for Carworld Pampanga, CGIC buildings with PHILERGY German Solar

San Fernando, Pampanga Carworld Pampanga and the Corporate Guarantee and Insurance Company (CGIC) buildings, two of the main buildings of the Laus Group of Companies in San Fernando, Pampanga, are now certified green energy buildings with PHILERGY German Solar energy systems.


Laus Group harnesses solar energy for Carworld Pampanga, CGIC buildings with PHILERGY German Solar

Switch-On Ceremony

The ceremonial event, symbolizing the activation of solar energy systems, drew the participation of key company leaders, including Chairman Lisset Laus-Velasco, President Paul Tristan A. Laus, Executive Vice President & Group COO Alfie A. Adriano, and PHILERGY German Solar Managing Partner Jochen Staudter.

Despite overcast weather conditions, the solar panels demonstrated their efficiency by collectively generating nearly 300 kWh of power. This underscored the advanced technology and capacity of the solar energy systems.

Impressive Self-Sufficiency

Carworld, Inc.'s solar energy system produced 172.26 kWh, slightly below its consumption of 175.67 kWh, showcasing an impressive 98% self-sufficiency even on a cloudy day. Similarly, the CGIC solar energy system yielded 131.25 kWh, surpassing its actual power requirement of 131.13 kWh.

Enthusiasm for Environmental Commitment

Chairman Lisset Laus-Velasco expressed enthusiasm and pride in the company's commitment to environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. She emphasized the significance of embracing solar energy as a pivotal step towards sustainability and environmental consciousness. Furthermore, she highlighted the potential for substantial savings and a positive environmental impact through the reduction of carbon emissions and the preservation of natural resources.

The successful activation of solar power systems at the flagship businesses demonstrates the Laus Group's dedication to reducing dependence on traditional energy sources. The company aims to leverage renewable energy to meet its operational power needs while contributing positively to the environment. Chairman Laus-Velasco announced plans for future solar installations across various locations and businesses within the Laus Group of Companies, reinforcing the organization's commitment to sustainable practices.

Laus Group Partnership with PHILERGY German Solar

The partnership with PHILERGY German Solar was emphasized as a critical element in the successful implementation of the solar energy systems. Laus-Velasco highlighted the importance of collaborating with a trusted and accredited partner in the solar energy industry to ensure the reliability and quality of the installed systems.

Laus Group harnesses solar energy for Carworld Pampanga, CGIC buildings with PHILERGY German Solar


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