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Mandatory Solar Energy Systems: How Berlin is Taking Steps Towards Climate Protection

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Starting 2023, Berlin plans to make solar energy systems compulsory for climate protection in accordance to the Berlin Solar Act. New buildings are mandated to install a photovoltaic (PV) or solar system on their roofs, as part of a strategy to source a quarter of the German capital’s power from solar by mid-century. The solar mandate will also be valid for already existing buildings where the roofs are to be substantially renovated.

“With our solar law, a Solarpflicht (solar mandate) for all new buildings and for existing buildings with fundamental roof renovation comes from 2023 on,” energy senator (minister) Ramona Pop said. “Berlin has many roofs and therefore a lot of potential for solar energy. We want to use that, because Berlin needs more photovoltaic systems to become climate neutral.”

Exceptions from this obligation will be made for roofs facing north or where installing solar panels is technically impossible.