Off-Grid Systems and How Solar Batteries Perform in the Philippines - PHILERGY German Solar

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Metro Manila, 2021 - A lot of residential and business solar energy systems in the Philippines are connected to the electricity grid, or “grid-tied”. That means, when the system is producing more electricity than what your building needs, the excess is fed back into the grid through net metering. And when your building needs more electricity than your solar panels are producing, you can draw power from the electric grid. This type of solar energy system is what PHILERGY German Solar recommends to its clients especially in those living in the metro where electricity supply is relatively stable and outages are rare.

But with a majority of the Philippine provinces experiencing both scheduled rotational blackouts as well as sudden power outages, coupled with one of the highest electricity rates in Asia, many Filipinos want the choice of being independent of the grid and solely generate their own electricity needs from the sun.

Here are some facts you should take note of about off-grid systems and how solar batteries work in the Philippines:

  1. A good solar battery is a professional, usually lithium-ion, energy storage solution. It is not recommended to connect lead acid-based, e.g. car batteries, to solar systems. Quality solar batteries are expensive (starting at PHP 100,000) - no reliable solar battery can be cheap.