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Solar Inverters: What Do They Actually Do? | PHILERGY German Solar

Solar Inverters: What Do They Actually Do? | PHILERGY German Solar

Quezon City, Philippines While everyone recognizes the shiny solar panels on rooftops, few are familiar with corresponding solar components that make up the whole solar energy system. These devices are called inverters and they are worth knowing about, not merely because of their distinctive names such as “Sunny Boy” but also due to their critical function in a solar energy system.

So what do inverters actually do and what are they capable of?

Solar Inverters: What Do They Actually Do? | PHILERGY German Solar

What Do Inverters Actually Do?

Solar inverters are a fundamental part of any solar setup, whether it’s grid-tied, off-grid, or hybrid. Without an inverter, the power your solar panels generate would be entirely useless to you. An inverter converts the DC power your panels create into the AC power your home uses to run every appliance in your home. Naturally, you want to ensure that the equipment tasked with such an important job is at the top of its class.

Power Conversion

In the intricate web of a grid-connected solar energy system, a crucial player is the inverter, an indispensable component of environmentally-friendly power generation. Operating on the photovoltaic effect, which transforms sunlight into electrical power, the inverter's primary function is the conversion of direct current to alternating current. This conversion is imperative as solar panels generate direct current from sunlight, while public power distribution grids rely on alternating current for various reasons. Remarkably, top-tier inverters on the market boast an efficiency of up to 99%, indicating a mere 1% loss during conversion. This efficiency surpasses modern diesel engines, which typically exhibit a less impressive 45% efficiency.

Power Optimization

An inverter's pivotal task involves ensuring that solar panels operate at their optimal power levels. The complex interplay of temperature and irradiation intensity demands a precise combination of electrical current and voltage for each PV module to reach its maximum power point or MPP. As these environmental variables constantly fluctuate, especially with passing clouds, the inverter employs an operation management system known as an "MPP Tracker." Some inverters have multiple MPP trackers so that differently aligned subarrays can be operated independently.

Monitoring and Protection

Beyond power conversion, the inverter assumes the role of a vigilant overseer. It collects data on solar system energy yields, monitors the electrical activity of solar panel arrays, and signals anomalies. Yield data can be accessed directly on the device or remotely analyzed using suitable communication technology, software, and online services. Additionally, the inverter keeps a watchful eye on the connected power distribution grid, swiftly disconnecting the solar energy system, if specified voltage and frequency limits are breached to ensure safety. In instances of minor frequency increases, the inverter adeptly reduces power to alleviate grid management concerns.

Reliable Operation

Designed for a lifespan of at least two decades, solar energy systems demand robust and enduring internal components. Despite the minimal wear and tear associated with the absence of moving parts, the inverter stands out as a high-tech device with sensitive electronics. Operating under the open sky and in diverse weather conditions, the inverter's weatherproof enclosure plays a critical role in consistent heat dissipation. Intelligent cooling concepts and exceptional efficiency ratings, such as a 99% efficiency, ensure minimal heat loss compared to lower-rated inverters.

Solar Inverters: What Do They Actually Do? | PHILERGY German Solar

Why SMA Germany Inverters are the Best Choice for your Solar Energy System

Germany’s SMA has a history of more than 35 years in the development of power inverters for residential, commercial and utility scale solar and wind energy applications – far longer than most of its competitors. Inventor of the world’s first string inverter, the SMA inverter has been the quality benchmark in the solar inverter industry for decades.


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