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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service in the Philippines

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service in the Philippines [Image Source:]

QUEZON CITY, Philippines - All PHILERGY German Solar panels are equipped with nano-coating that repel dust and dirt. This feature makes our high quality solar panels virtually maintenance-free and self cleaning.

However, unexpected debris and natural events (such as the recent Taal Volcano unrest that resulted to ash fall) can bring an abnormal amount of dirt build up on top of your panels. While generally not harmful to the panels itself, this will lead to decreased performance and power output. Having regular cleaning can help extend the life and efficiency of the solar system

GOOD NEWS: You can personally clean your panels with light to medium pressure water (pinching off the end of a garden hose is best, if flow attachments are unavailable). Soap and other cleaning agents are not recommended.

If you find the job too daunting, PHILERGY German Solar offers a worry-free and professional solar panel cleaning service. Please contact us through the channels below to get a quote and schedule the cleaning at your most convenient time.