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Solar Panel Mounting Solution for Concrete Roof Installations - PHILERGY German Solar

PHILERGY German Solar for homes and businesses  - Mounting Solution for Concrete Roofs - High quality installer for solar power systems and top rated panel packages for residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the Philippines

Quezon City, Philippines - Mounting solar panels on concrete roofs are a bit more sophisticated unlike straightforward installations on most metal roofs. With PHILERGY German Solar, clients can choose between two options that are best for home or commercial decks.

Both mounting options include high-quality mounting system by Schletter Germany. Made from lightweight aluminum, this mounting system is typhoon-proof in accordance with Wind Code NSCP2015 and has zero-leak technology.

Customized, hand-crafted cement blocks

Concrete blocks are 100% handcrafted by PHILERGY's German Solar Experts, customized especially to the specifications of your roof. These are flexible and relocatable, and ensure no leaks and no holes on your roof.

Direct concrete waterproof mounting

This second option involves mounting directly into a flat concrete roof or deck. This tilts the solar panels into an optimal angle for maximum efficiency while lifts the solar panels off the ground to not be affected by flooding. Moreover, these sustains strong winds, while still guarantee zero leaks due to special concrete sealant.

Whatever your roof needs are, PHILERGY German Solar is happy to work with you to ensure smooth, worry-free installation of your solar energy system.


We are your reliable partner in better, cleaner and cheaper energy in the Philippines.


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Unknown member
Oct 13, 2021

Timely roof inspection and maintenance is really very important. Regular inspection can spot faults and prevent them from becoming major problems causing serious damage and saving costs from high roof repairs.

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