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Stanford University Achieves 100% Renewable Electricity: Role Model for PH Universities | PHILERGY

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Metro Manila, Philippines - With the Stanford Solar Generating Station #2 (SSGS2) finally going online last March, Stanford University in Stanford, California, USA is now running 100% renewable electricity. The station serves as the final component in the Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI), a complete redesign and transition of Stanford University’s energy system from a 100 percent fossil fuel-based, combined heat and power plant to grid-sourced electricity and a more efficient electric heat recovery system.

“This is really core to Stanford’s long-term commitment to sustainability,” said Lincoln Bleveans, Stanford’s executive director of sustainability and energy management. “This is a multi-step, multi-year commitment to an integrated solution that spans years and also spans administrations at the University. And it’s just an incredible example of Stanford walking the walk in its long-term commitment to sustainability and really focusing on real-world solutions.”

SSGS2 is Stanford's portion of Slate, a larger solar energy project developed by Recurrent Energy, which is supported by power purchase agreements with five California-based organizations – Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Central Coast Community Energy (3CE), the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA), Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), and Stanford University.

Stanford’s first solar plant, located in Rosamond, came online in 2016 and brought Stanford to about 68% renewable electricity, according to Ron Gawer, the director of energy operations for Stanford’s Land, Buildings & Real Estate division. Together, the two solar plants are producing 120% of Stanford’s annual electricity consumption, Gawer said. He called the transition a “beautiful milestone.”

As technology catches up with the need of replacing dirty sources of energy, PHILERGY German Solar hopes that universities and other institutions in the Philippines take advantage of high-quality German Solar systems to similarly cut down their dependence on depleting fossil fuels.


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