Sustainability for a Better Future - PHILERGY German Solar x Armature on CNN PH Business Matters

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Metro Manila, 2021 - If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it would be that sustainability is key to survival and a better future. This is why a lot of home and business owners are now shifting to renewable energy as a way to do their part while easing up their monthly cost burdens.

In this recent Business Matters segment on CNN Philippines, Armature Inc. relates their experiences in adopting early on when the pandemic hit and how getting a German Solar system for their office and warehouse building had eased their expenses significantly. Watch the full feature below.

“Everyone says that green energy is the future, but we strongly believe it’s the present already. If you have a business, every peso that you can save on your fixed cost can be invested into something else. Your company, sustainability-wise, has to move towards showing others and being a role model towards changing how business is done,” Jochen Staudter, PHILERGY German Solar’s President states.

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