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Summer Relief: How Solar Energy Systems Lighten Load Demand on Power Grids — Unli Aircon with Solar in the Philippines | PHILERGY German Solar

Summer Relief: How Solar Energy Systems Lighten Load Demand on Power Grids — Unli Aircon with Solar in the Philippines | PHILERGY German Solar

Metro Manila, Philippines - The Philippines is bracing for an extended spell of scorching temperatures, with forecasts suggesting the heatwave will persist until mid-May. Manila, the capital, recently experienced record-breaking highs, signaling an unusually intense period even for the typically hot and dry months of March, April, and May. Adding to the heat's intensity is the El Niño weather pattern, exacerbating conditions across the region.

With Filipinos flocking to malls or blasting their household air conditioners, according to the Department of Energy, electricity demand has been on the rise since last month, paralleling the escalating temperatures. Assistant Secretary Mario Marasigan attributed this surge in demand to a combination of factors, including the unavailability of numerous power plants and the relentless heatwave gripping the region.

Solar energy systems can play a significant role in reducing the load on the electric power grid during the summer months.



Peak Demand Reduction

During summer, electricity demand typically peaks due to increased use of air conditioning and other cooling systems. Solar energy systems generate electricity when the sun is shining brightest, which often coincides with peak demand hours. By producing electricity on-site, solar systems can offset the need for grid-supplied electricity during these peak periods, thereby reducing strain on the grid.

Distributed Generation

Solar panels installed on rooftops or in other distributed locations contribute to distributed generation. This means electricity is generated closer to where it's consumed, reducing the need for long-distance transmission and distribution. Distributed generation can alleviate congestion on the grid and improve overall reliability.

Net Metering

Many regions offer net metering programs, allowing solar system owners to feed excess electricity they generate back into the grid in exchange for credits on their utility bills. During sunny summer days when solar systems produce surplus electricity, this excess energy can help meet the demand of neighboring homes or businesses, effectively easing the load on the grid.

Grid Stability

Solar energy systems can enhance grid stability by providing additional sources of power. By diversifying the energy mix, grids become more resilient to fluctuations in supply or demand. This can help prevent blackouts or brownouts during periods of high demand or unexpected outages.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to easing grid load, solar energy systems reduce reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation, thus lowering greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating environmental impacts associated with conventional power plants.

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Unli Aircon with Solar in the Philippines

The Philippine dry season usually means clear skies and 12 hours of sunlight per day, meaning solar panels have a longer time to harvest energy for your home or business. And with net metering, any excess energy that you do not consume during the day will be fed back into the grid and your local distribution utility will give you credits back on your electric bill. This means that you can potentially have unli-aircon all day with minimal effect on your grid consumption!


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