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US School Funds Teacher Pay Raise with Solar - How Your German Solar Can Fund Your Next Big Purchase

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Metro Manila, 2021 - In 2018, a school district in the United States of America consisting of six schools partnered with a local energy efficiency company for an energy audit. The Batesville School District has been paying upwards of USD 600,000 for their annual utility bills, a steep price for a district that has been struggling for funding and retaining teachers.

The audit revealed that the school district could save at least USD2.4 million over 20 years if it outfitted Batesville High School, one of the schools in the district, with more than 1,400 solar panels and updated all of the district’s facilities with new lights, heating and cooling systems, and windows. “Let’s use that money to start pumping up teachers’ salaries,” Michalel Hester, the Batesville superintendent, said in an interview. “It’s the way we’re going to attract and retain staff. And it’s the way we’re going to attract and retain students in this day and age of school choice.” [source]

The project that resulted has helped slash the district’s annual energy consumption by 1.6 million kilowatts and in three years generated enough savings to transform the district’s USD250,000 budget deficit into a USD1.8 million surplus. Just as Hester envisioned at the outset, a major chunk of the money is going toward teachers’ salaries — fueling pay raises that average between USD2,000 and USD3,000 per educator.

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