Top Five Points to Consider Before Having Your PHILERGY German Solar Panels Installed

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photo by @lisamariedav

Metro Manila, Philippines – As the COVID-19 pandemic magnified the need for cost-saving measures, demand for grid-tied solar systems have gone through the roof within the past year. With everyone stuck with various work- and study-at-home arrangements, a lot of Filipinos have been looking into getting their own solar energy system so they can generate clean and free energy for their home or business. But are there special considerations before having your own system installed?

To be able to help the chosen solar supplier to develop the optimal solar system size, the following basic information should be considered:

  1. How much of my electric bill do I want to reduce through solar energy? Whether you choose to cover 100% of your average monthly bill or just start out with a portion, grid-tied solar systems offer a quick return on your investment of 4-5 years. Such a return makes solar an unbeatable asset to invest in, earning you a 20% payback on each peso paid - without fuss, just by harvesting our tropical sunlight every day!

  2. How do I usually consume electricity, e.g. when do I run my aircons? Understanding your electricity consumption will help us design the perfec