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PHILERGY German Solar Battery in the Philippines

PHILERGY German Solar for homes and businesses  - Grid tied systems and solar batteries - High quality complete solar power installer and top rated panel packages for residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the Philippines

Whereas every 5th solar system we install in Germany has a battery, there are only a few cases where solar batteries make sense in the Philippines and that can create many traps for end-customers! Yet we observe that solar batteries are offered to nearly every end-customer.

Here are some facts about hybrid solar solutions (solar system + battery) for the Philippines you should consider:

  • A good solar battery is a professional, usually lithium-ion technology based, energy storage solution. It is not recommendable to connect e.g. car batteries to solar systems.

  • Quality solar battery devices are still expensive (starting with 100k php) - no reliable solar battery can be cheap. Moreover, special inverter and accessories are required. In comparison with a grid-tied solar system, a hybrid solar system`s price increases remarkably (minimum by 30%).

  • Keep in mind: In the Philippines, you can make use of net-metering, the mechanism where a utility pays you for excess solar energy that is transferred back to the main grid. Thus, instead of storing excess solar energy into a battery, let your utility pay for it - automatically with no investment costs.

  • 1 kWh of solar energy is worth 10php in the Philippines. If the 1 kWh gets stored into a solar battery, it can only supply around 70% of the stored 1kWh back to your appliances due to physical losses what would be worth 7php. The utility pays you up to 5.5php for each solar kWh sold back to the grid.

  • Do batteries perform well in our tropical country? Most modern batteries only perform at its best with temperatures of around 30 degrees. We often beat this in the Philippines, causing a battery to lose efficiency.

  • Be aware: Grid-tied solar systems with net-metering perform for more than 25 years, fully automatic and with no maintenance costs. A battery has limited charging cycles and has to be fully replaced after 8-12 years.

  • In the Philippines, investing in a solar system should offer you a secured payback per year of >15% IRR and a return on your investment (ROI) between 4-7 years. A solar battery decreases your investment case remarkably with an ROI of up to 15 years. Since you have to replace the batteries after 8-12 years, your investment most likely wont have a return at all.

  • BUT: Do you not use much electricity during the day and consume mostly at night and is a return on your solar investment not your priority? Do you want to overcome shortages of electricity or are you located in a rural area with no grid? Now a solar battery could make sense for you!There are many more points to consider. Contact us to get a free German expert consultation for your most efficient solar system that is best for you!

There are many more points to consider. Contact us to get a free German expert consultation for your most efficient solar system that is best for you!


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